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Temporary fences are standalone structures that do not need to be installed into the ground when you need to use them. There are many situations in which temporary fencing may be necessary. We use them almost every day, yet they are not often noticed. Its usefulness is varied and diverse which is why they also come in many different forms. Temporary fences can be used indoors or outdoors.

Among the common everyday type of temporary fencing we see yet often overlook are the barricade fences used in many parking lots. These are used to mark special spots or restrict entry to certain areas. They can be easily moved and conveniently placed elsewhere as needed.

Most of the time, temporary fences can be seen in events. This is usually for those happenings that involve large crowds and need some level of security. Some examples of events where temporary fences are very often used are in marathons. They are used to barricade the spectators away from the runner to avoid disturbances. In concerts and sporting events, they can be used to monitor the queue and to keep the crowds organized. They can also restrict certain places from access by just anyone.

Some private events like parties, weddings, and conferences can also make us of temporary fencing. In indoor venues, they can be used to partition large places into smaller sections.

Other scenarios where temporary fencing is often utilized is at construction sites. Here construction hoarding is used. This temporary fencing structure is used to separate the area of construction from the area where the public is. Therefore, it is used mainly for safety reasons. Another setting where temporary fences ensure safety is indoors. A popular example of indoor use of temporary fencing is in baby gates and pet fences.

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