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If you need back stops anywhere near Miami, you can to the right place. We are the Miami Fence Company, and we are an enterprise specializing in all things fences. This includes back stops which you may need for your ballparks or baseball fields.

Back stops are need in ballparks and baseball fields for safety reasons. In a heated game, the players may have no control of where the balls or the bats would come flying. In unfortunate instances, it can go straight into an unassuming member of the audience. In the worst-case scenario, this can result in severe physical injuries. As much as possible we want to avoid this. No baseball fan should be watching an exciting game live fearing their own safety and risking themselves to disabling or disfiguring injuries. Back stops are very simple, yet there are sufficient to serve this purpose.

The Miami Fence Company offers back stops in either chain link of vinyl netting. Chain link which is a very flexible fence material can be used for back stops. They are durable enough to withstand impacts from balls and even bats in softball or baseball. Therefore, they can offer reliable protection to the spectators. The gaps between the metal wires are also large enough for visibility, so as to allow the audience to watch with minimal obstruction while still being protected.

Vinyl netting is also another very worthy option. This is easier to configure in terms of dimensions because it can be easily adjusted. This is thinner compared to the thick metal wires of chain link. However, they are less obstructive to the view of the audience. With vinyl netting, the visuals only look like you placed a filter over a picture. There is no significant disturbance to watching the games and this is its main advantage.

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