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Docks give waterfront properties proper access to the water nearby. Therefore, many activities will become available for those using the property. They can go kayaking, swimming, boating, fishing, and many more. Aside from that, having docks can mean an added mode of transportation through the water.

Having docks allows you to do many activities that are not possible without one. This is one of the primary reasons why having docks is considered as a real estate amenity that is as valuable, if not more valuable than having a swimming pool in your place. Having a proper dock maximizes the features of a waterfront property. Hence, an estate or vacation home near the water becomes more valuable and saleable if there is a suitable, usable, and versatile dock installed.

In most scenarios, the land comprises the bulk of the price tag of a property. But in waterfront properties, having a dock has immense contributions. Many prospective buyers would be willing to shell out more than double the value, just to have these coveted properties under their names.

Unfortunately, from homes near waters, having new docks installed is not a very straightforward process these days. Because of environmental concerns, having a new dock built would now require more complicated permits. Hence, if you already have a dock in your waterfront property, what can make them better is installing some suitable dock parts into it. Just a dock is not enough. Accessories are needed to be able to use them for the many purposes they can serve.

The Miami Fence Company does not offer dock installation per se. Rather, we specialize in dock improvement which can be achieved by adding dock parts. Among the popular dock parts we install are fencing, hand railings, eye bolts, ladders, lifts, pilings, buoys, and many more.

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