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For those who prefer a natural and organic look for their homes, wooden fences are an excellent choice. Wooden fences are among the more traditional fence types. They have been used for fencing for generations, maybe even centuries. Though they come in many different forms today, they still remain popular.


Nothing can offer a more organic sophistication than a cedar wood fence. They are one of those things that are more beautiful because of its simplicity. Cedar is the finest choice among all other types of wood because of its superior qualities. Cedar is one of the hardest types of wood, making them suitable for fences. Moreover, it has natural qualities that make it more resistant to conditions that can be normally be harsh to wood, like rain and termite infestation.

Cedar contains natural oils and scents which confer protection against termites. Therefore, they can last long with minimal use of sealants. If you maintain a cedar wood fence properly, they can last for many years and even decades. Therefore, if you are planning to have a cedar wood fence installed, you must be aware of important maintenance procedures such as repainting them from time to time and using some chemical for protection.

In terms of durability, cedar is the ideal wood type. It is innately tougher than many kinds of wood we know, including coniferous ones like pine. Therefore, it has better resistance against splintering, breaking or warping.

A bonus advantage of cedar wood fences is that fact that they can come in many forms and styles. There is a privacy cedar wood fence type for those who are not comfortable with their neighbor’s prying eyes. Ornamental cedar wood fence is also available, as well as cedar picket fencing. 

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