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SimTek may not be a very popular name, but it may be more common in usage than you think. Many of the concrete walls that you see around may not really be made from cement or stones. They may simply look one, but are actually polyethylene, the raw material from which SimTek fences are made. You may not be familiar with SimTek, but you have already encountered the other names by which it goes by, including “Allegheny fence,” or even “Sherwood fence.”

The main benefit of SimTek fences is that they can give your property the refreshing and elegant look, as well as some extra advantages that a concrete fence can offer for only a fraction of its price. Like concrete walls, SimTek fences are tough enough to withstand impacts that come at strong forces. Moreover, it can provide excellent privacy since these fences can appear as solid walls. As a bonus, a SimTek fence can also block out sounds coming from the outside.

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As mentioned, SimTek has no real stone or concrete in it. Rather, it has polyethylene resin with metal reinforcements within its inner structure to help make it more stable. With this structure, SimTek fences can serve the same functions as a concrete wall. However, unlike a concrete wall, spending on a SimTek Fence would not break your bank.

One other advantage of SimTek fences is that they are resistant to fading even after many years under direct sun exposure. Outside, it has anti-ultraviolet light coating that confers protection. Moreover, the coloring of SimTek fences is not superficial as in paint. Instead, the pigment is incorporated into the polyethylene material itself. Neutral colors like beige, brown, black, gray, graphite, and desert are most popular across all settings.

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