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There are many circumstances in which can cages and enclosures can be used. They are so practical and versatile that they can be used in many different applications. Both cages and enclosures can be used in residential areas, offices, commercial buildings, schools, and others. In most of these settings, their primary function is storage. However, there are many situations where they can also be used for other reasons such as safety.

The basic structure of cages and enclosures remain the same no matter what the size is and no matter what situation it is used for. There are composed of interlinked wires or meshes of metal bars or wiring. The gaps in between the mesh are small enough to keep the items safe inside and at less risk for any tampering of theft. As they have holes, cages and enclosures allow the free circulation of air. This makes sure that no moisture is trapped inside with the materials that are stored.

To best results, metals are used for very cage and enclosure. Some of these cages may come in premade styles, modular forms, or already preassembled. The Miami Fence Company gets the cages and enclosures we install for our clients from only the best names in the manufacturing industry. This makes sure that quality is never compromised.

For the metal in the wiring, we recommend using galvanized steel since this is less prone to rusting.

The Miami Fence company offers high quality cages and enclosures at very competitive prices. We can work with you budget to make sure that a suitable cage or enclosure would still be available to you.

A few of the types of cages and enclosures we have are Tools and Equipment cages, Locker cages, Batting cages, and Safety enclosures.

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