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Metals are very versatile. Hence, they are often being used in many industrial settings and construction applications. In this case, fence installation is no exception. In fact, they are among the most favored ones for use in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Steel and aluminum are among the most widely utilized types of metals we have these days. To ordinary persons who are not in the construction industry, these two metals may appear very similar. While they are both ideal for fence applications, they still have their differences.

A key feature of both is their level of hardness and durability. Unlike older types of metals like iron, steel and aluminum has been optimized in such as way that they have become relatively and considerably more resistant to being consumed by rust. Another advantage of either of these metals is they can be bent, shaped, and formed into various shapes and intricate styles for ornamental fencing option.

Between the two, aluminum is the lighter metal type. However, this does not make it less suitable for fences. Unlike any other metal, aluminum is the only one that could promise complete resistance to corrosion even if it has been used for many years. Moreover, aluminum has a unique glossy aesthetic which many people find suitable and attractive. Most aluminum can retain this glossy quality for years since it almost does not rust at all.

On the other hand, steel may look very similar to aluminum if you are not familiar with them. In terms of appearance, steel offers a duller gray quality. However, it is the top of the choice when you are looking for something that is tough and durable at the same time. Steel however may be more prone to develop rust since it has iron components.

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